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Welcome to the best page where you can buy neopoints and buy neopets items.
Celebrate Neopet’s 20th Anniversary by buying millions of Neopoints to fill your bank and forget about dailies.
Purchase hard to find and retired items like expensive stamps, popular items like Baby Paint Brush, Royal Paint Brush, Neggs and many more.
Check our categories like Battledome Equipment, Album Items, Hidden Tower Items, Neopoints, Paint Brushes, Smuggler’s Cove, etc…

If you’ve found this page you’re probably tired of one of these:

  • Begging on the Pound Chat for that dream unconverted Neopet of your dream.
  • Looking for that elusive item that’s already been retired and nobody is willing to sell (for cheap).
  • Playing monotonous games and gambling to get all those Neopoints you need to purchase that item.

Right? Worry not, we’re here to make your life easier and cut your journey by half, here you can purchase accounts, neopoints, unconverted neopets and neopets items. And you will get them instantly delivered to your email.

Now you can buy Neopoints and items with real money, fast and safe, using PayPal
Forget about using programs that may stole your login information and might not even work, if you want 10,000,000 NP just buy them.
Make sure to read our FAQ

Isn’t that great?!

Only Here

Instant Delivery
Here in NeoGoods we only sell items pre-loaded on shells, this means that you get your items as soon as you pay!
Fast Support
Tickets are checked daily so you will get a response from customer support in a maximum period of 48h.
TNT happens, we understand, for that reason we will replace or refund any order that wasn't frozen due to the buyer's carelessness.
When you purchase here you get 10% back in form of NeoBits/NeoCredits. NeoBits can be redeemed for discounts while NeoCredits can be used on the Gambling Corner.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Right now we only accept PayPal, inside PayPal you can use your account balance or  credit/debit cards.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we can get you pretty much any item, be aware that items that are one of a kind or haven’t been properly activated, although they exists and have been duplicated due to some glitches and exploit in the past, are not considered safe and we won’t sell any of those.

For everything else simply email us at [email protected] and we will give you a quote.

Do you price match?

We try to keep our prices up to date with Jellyneo, NeoPets’ Market and our competitor’s as best we can.

If you have seen an item which is cheaper elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can match or even beat that price.

Be advised though, some sites might have items ridiculously cheap to clear stock or simply to attract customers, they might not even have it in stock and will cancel your order a week later once placed.

Do you offer refunds/replacements?

If we are at fault or TNT simply happened to freeze you without you doing anything wrong then we will happily replace the product you purchased or refund you if you wish so. (Please keep this in mind before initiating a charge-back on PayPal, we will not tolerate fraudulent activities.)

If you’ve received your product in good standing and got frozen due to carelessness we can not accept the product back or send a refund for it as all digital products are for one consumer only. We can’t take it back and sell it to another customer for everyone’s safety, so once you have your product, it’s yours to keep.

How long does it take you to process orders?

You might have already read this but all our products are instant delivery, which means that as soon as you pay you’ll get the login details to the account that has your items.

For custom products we might take a day or two to set them up.

Can I buy a specific account/neopet?

Sorry no.

But you can give us all the details about your dreamed account/neopets and we will do our best to find in our stock anything that matches your preferences as closely as possible. We’ll make you every other neopets player’s envy.

Can you give me an account's username/neopet's name to decide if I buy it or not?

Again, no.

If we gave details like that all our stock would end up frozen in a week.

What we can give you is name formats, amount of trophies, amount of avatars, etc, information that will help you decide but that can’t be used to reliable identify an account or a neopet.

Name format:

  • C = Upper case consonant
  • V = Upper case vowel
  • c = Lower case consonant
  • v = Lower case vowel
  • # = Number
  • _ = Underscore

So NeoGoods would be CvvCvvcc.

Latest Reviews

Review on Baby Paint Brush

Easy and instant delivery just like they say! I bought one baby pb as a test to see how it would go. Everything went smoothly and I'll be purchasing more items now. Thank you!

2020-03-21 23:36:06 5 / 5 stars