About Us

Welcome to NeoGoods, our main goal is to provide avid Neopets players with items that would otherwise be very expensive if not impossible to obtain by legit means.
With instant delivery we save our customers time. Our mission is to provide a secure and efficient platform to purchase Neopets goods, we guarantee our customers will be completely satisfied with our highest quality service. If something ever goes wrong, we will not rest until we’ve made it right.
We’re currently selling Neopoints and regular items, we hope to sell Unconverted Neopets and Main Accounts soon.

We will never sell NeoCash items as we believe that this specific type of item is a way for players to pay The Neopets Team and help keep the site running and while Neopoints and regular items are only obtainable by playing the game and putting time into it, NeoCash items can be obtained by paying money and thus fall in a grey area, that’s where we decide to draw the line, sorry.

You can contact me by using the Contact Us form.